Challenge Philippines Triathlon – February 20, 2016


Another Triathlon racing event will be held on February 20, 2016 that will surely test the endurance and strengths of Filipino Triathletes while connecting with nature. For those who are looking for triple action along the tropical richness of the country, this event is something that they should not miss.

The swim course with start along the beautiful and white sand Camayan Beach Resort and the participants will then swim their way to Ilanin Bay up to the magnificent protected marine area that will surely astound the athletes as they see the water bed’s remarkable beauty with its reefs, clams, and other underwater beings through the pristine and clear seawater.

After the swim, the bike course will follow along the coastline into Bataan and goes through the village of Morrong and other scenic parts of the historically rich province. The course will continue back to Subic and airport to Adventure Beach.

The athletes will embrace more of nature as they push to the run course along the shaded and protected Ilanin Forest to the paved road in the old Navy Magazine area. To ensure the safety of the participants, the whole course area will be close from cars and other vehicles.

Triathletes will definitely enjoy every moment of the event because it will not just test their strengths but will also help them connect with their inner self.

Visit the official website of Challenge Philippines to register and to know more details about the exciting and special triathlon event coming early next year!

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