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P2P Bus in EDSA Allows Passenger to Carry Bicycle!

p2p bus

P2P is a new public utility vehicle created by the DOTC to provide convenience, safe and reliable mode of transportation. It aims to lessen the traffic and allows shorter travel time to commuters. With this kind of transportation, it will greatly help to decongest the traffic especially in some areas ...

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Cheating in a Bike Race Competition with Vivax Assist!


A hidden motor was revealed from the bicycle of one of the racers in cyclocross world championships. It was allegedly found in the bicycle of a Belgian rider named Femke Van den Driessche. The hidden motor was attached in frame of the bicycle of the 19-year-old female cyclist. Not all ...

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Sky Bike Lane Possible in Metro Manila?

Of skyways and serendipitous moments – envisioning sky bike lanes for Metro Manila Note: This post is contributed by Mary Anne Velas-Suarin, an environmental professional and UPOU graduate student. This is based on a longer and more detailed article, which was posted in Linkedin.  (Image credits: Anders Berensson Architects and ...

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