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Biking Trails in Metro Manila

filinvest bike trail

Metro Manila is favorite place for bikers in the country, not just because it’s the capital city but also because it has interesting and challenging trails for amateur and professional cyclists. Here are the 4 common bike trails in Metro Manila that every urban cyclist should not miss. Camp Aguinaldo ...

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Bike Trails in Visayas, Philippines

If you’re planning to explore the roads in Visayas to see friendly environment and meet new people, there are many bike trails that you might want to consider. Unlike in Metro Manila, cyclist could find a lot of bike trails in Visayan regions. Whether they are for road biking or ...

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Bike Shops in Metro Manila

When buying bikes in Metro Manila, especially for first timers, the top shops in Metro Manila to buy bikes should be considered. Buying bikes in reliable stores is a sure way of getting the highest quality of bikes at right prices. Below are the top 7 bike shops in Metro ...

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5 Types of Mountain Bike

When choosing the right mountain bike to buy or use, the first thing to consider is the type of road or trail where it will be used. There are five basic types of mountain bikes; the trail, cross country, downhill, dirt jump and free ride. These types have their own ...

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Things to Remember during Biking Incidents

  Biking is good for both body and mind, however there are things the bikers should bear in mind while they are in the road. They should always be focused on their path and become mindful while pedaling their bicycles. Accidents happen anywhere and anytime. No one wants accident to ...

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7 Reason Why You Should Bike

If you’re looking for a sport activity that will enhance your stamina, move you from one place to another, practice your balance and keep you in focus, biking is the right sport for you. Biking seems easy as it sound but it requires mindfulness and discipline. This sport brings remarkable ...

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