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P2P Bus in EDSA Allows Passenger to Carry Bicycle!

p2p bus

P2P is a new public utility vehicle created by the DOTC to provide convenience, safe and reliable mode of transportation. It aims to lessen the traffic and allows shorter travel time to commuters. With this kind of transportation, it will greatly help to decongest the traffic especially in some areas of Manila.

The bus has modern features that offers comfort to the commuters especially to those who had their luggage or even bikes. The bus also have compartments that you can put your bike and it’s free, less hassle for bikers.

Off street loading and unloading area are also designated to prevent obstruction of the roads. The drivers also paid with a fixed salary rate that will prevent them to compete to other drivers, which gives the commuters a safe and comfortable ride.

The bus is operated by Froehlich Tours, a tourist transport operator, under a special permit issued by the LTFRB. The modern features of their bus gives hope to LTFRB that sooner or later the old buses will upgrade into the double-decker bus that will gives us a more comfortable rides and lessen the traffic because even car owners will appreciate this kind of ride because of the convenience and comfort that it gives to each commuter.

With this kind of vehicle, every commuter will greatly appreciate this transportation, a fast and safe way, accessibility, convenience and lastly it will help to decongest the traffic that we experience everyday.

This will definitely encourage cyclists to bring their bikes always!

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