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Cheating in a Bike Race Competition with Vivax Assist!


A hidden motor was revealed from the bicycle of one of the racers in cyclocross world championships. It was allegedly found in the bicycle of a Belgian rider named Femke Van den Driessche. The hidden motor was attached in frame of the bicycle of the 19-year-old female cyclist.

Not all of us know about the revolutionary motor that could be attached in a bicycle frame and be controlled on the handbar through a button to make the bike move faster than it should. The product is known as Vivax Assist and is being manufactured by Vivax; an Austrian company. So far, it’s the only company that produces such product in Europe that could be used in mountain bikes as well as in cyclocross and road bikes. The controversial Vivax Assist costs around 3,000 USD and weigh only 4 pounds but can produce a power of up to 110 watts.

According to UCI, the governing body of the competition “the procedure must now follow its course until the UCI Disciplinary Commission renders its decision.” However, they did not comment on the type or brand of motor that was found in the bike of Van den Driessche.

According to Van den Driessche, she was totally unaware about the hidden motor being on her bicycle and the bike does not belong to her.

The company of Vivax Assist responded to the interviews that they weren’t involve in the usage of the product during competition and they too are against such acts. The company also insisted that they aren’t sure if it’s the same motor that they manufacture but the possibility is huge.

Vivax conveyed their disappointment about the news because the product was not intended for any cycling competition and they condemn the use of their product to defy the rules of any race. The company conveyed that they sell around 1,200 motors per year but only deliver to distributors and not to private individuals.

Hopefully, such incident in a competition won’t happen again.

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