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Things to Remember during Biking Incidents

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Biking is good for both body and mind, however there are things the bikers should bear in mind while they are in the road. They should always be focused on their path and become mindful while pedaling their bicycles.

Accidents happen anywhere and anytime. No one wants accident to happen so cyclists should wear their proper gears to ensure their safety. Racing organizers should always bring first aid kits and every biker should also bring their own health kit.

In case accident occur to fellow cyclist, one should know the proper response for unexpected circumstances. The common accidents that could occur along the road are falling from the bike, imbalance and car accidents. Fatigue and heatstroke could also happen during the biking activity or race.

When responding to an accident like falling, imbalance or car accident, one should first call the emergency numbers in the nearby location such as hospital number, police or barangay officials. Before the biking activity, participants should save these contact numbers.

The next thing to do for such accident is to examine the victim’s condition, if he or she is conscious or not. First aid strategy should be done first before bringing the victim to the hospital by means of ensuring that broken joints will not be moved by fixing the victim at his current position.

For serious injury or if the victim appears to be dead, other cyclists should ensure that help will come soon or they can bring the victim carefully to the nearest hospital.

If there are no serious injury but there are slight wounds, it could be treated immediately.

Certain illness like fatigue and heatstroke is a serious condition. Once someone shows symptoms of these such as weakness, high temperature and loss of consciousness, the victim should be brought immediately to the hospital.

Cyclists should be aware on proper response because they could save a fellow biker’s life with it and not aggravate the condition.

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