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Biking Trails in Metro Manila

filinvest bike trail

Metro Manila is favorite place for bikers in the country, not just because it’s the capital city but also because it has interesting and challenging trails for amateur and professional cyclists. Here are the 4 common bike trails in Metro Manila that every urban cyclist should not miss.

Camp Aguinaldo Bike Trail

The Camp Aguinaldo Bike Trail is a friendly trail for beginners. Officers ensures safety and identification so they will require valid IDs from cyclists before entry. An entrance fee of 50 php will also be required and will be collected by the guard before entering the trails. Getting there is easy, just take Bonny Serrano Avenue from Katipunan Avenue, then turn left going to Arturo Enrile Avenue until you reach the gate 6 of Camp Aguinaldo.

Filinvest Bike Trail

The Filinvest Trail in Alabang Muntinlupa is another common trail in Metro Manila that both newbies and experts will enjoy. The trail is also famous for racing events because of its ideal location. It is a safe place for bikers, runners and joggers. To reach the trail; from Alabang-Zapote Road, take the Filinvest Avenue on the right side and continue straight along it for 1.5 kilometers then turn left on Parkway Street. Upon reaching the Parkway st., the trail will start on the right side just beside La Vie Flats.

La Mesa Nature Park

The best place to ride a mountain bike is in La Mesa Nature Reserve in Rodriguez Quezon City. Cyclist who are looking for a beautiful biking environment dwelling in nature will find it an ideal place. It is the last remaining rainforest in Metro Manila with its reforestation project. The 60 km trail is mostly shaded with trees and charges 1000 php entry fee for a group of 5. The entry fees will be used as maintenance funds of La Mesa.

Timberland Heights

Another interesting trail is the Mt. Maarat or the Timberland Heights in San Mateo Rizal. The trail is known as the Mountain Biking Capital of the Philippines and the only IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association) certified in the Philippines. The trail is recommended for skilled bikers who want to improve their skills and test their endurance. Bikers should pass “The Wall”; a 2km steep road before they will reach the gates of the Timberland Heights.

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