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7 Reason Why You Should Bike


If you’re looking for a sport activity that will enhance your stamina, move you from one place to another, practice your balance and keep you in focus, biking is the right sport for you.

Biking seems easy as it sound but it requires mindfulness and discipline. This sport brings remarkable benefits to us. Below are the top 7 benefits of biking.


  1. Good for the heart

Pedalling could help in the blood flow from feet to the heart. When we are biking, we give our hearts an easy job. It doesn’t have to pump hard because our movement could help it on such task.

  1. Good for muscles and joints

Riding a bike could allow muscle and joint movements so it could help exercise these parts for better functions. It could also prevent the occurrence of joint and muscle related diseases.

  1. Help burn fats

Biking is a beneficial fitness routine because it can help burn unwanted fats. When we sweat while riding our bike, these fats are being wash out of our system; thus, making us more healthy and fit

  1. Help relieve stress

This sport is a great stress reliever just like other fitness and exercise activities. Riding a bike could allow us to forget those stressful thoughts in our works and personal lives. The blow of friendly wind will help us connect with nature and leave us feeling more relaxed than before.

  1. A good means of transportation

Bicycle is an eco-friendly means of transportation. We can go through hard-to-reach places or simply explore the neighbourhood through it. It could also save us from gasoline expenses if we use bike in going to nearby places like market and park.

  1. Could be done for charities

There are organisations that foster biking races where in the proceeds will go to charities and institutions. Joining these races could be our way of expanding help to the less-fortunate, at the same time, we help ourselves stay fit as well.

  1. Boost mindfulness

When we are riding a bike, we should stay focus because it requires our balance and attention towards the road. Staying in focus could boost our mindfulness and help shape our minds.

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