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5 Types of Mountain Bike


When choosing the right mountain bike to buy or use, the first thing to consider is the type of road or trail where it will be used. There are five basic types of mountain bikes; the trail, cross country, downhill, dirt jump and free ride.

These types have their own specifications and designed for specific terrains or obstacles. Choosing the right type will allow the biker to enjoy the bike more because it coincides with the rider’s biking purpose.

The Cross Country Mountain Bikes are designed for moderate obstacles and off-road trails. This is good for some descent trails. This type of bike is also known as XC bikes which are made of lightweight parts. It uses air shocks for suspension. For those who love to bike for long hours, this type is something that they can choose.

The Trail Mountain bikes is great for downward and upward terrain. Mountain climbers would prefer to use this bike for their trail adventures. Also known as All Mountain bikes, this type has heavier materials and have more suspension. It can handle harder obstacles compared to the Cross Country Mountain Bikes.

The Downhill Mountain Bikes are specifically made for steep trails and downhill trails. This type has marvelous durability and geared with bigger tires for stability. It is very ideal for downhill track and has higher suspension.

The Freeride Mountain Bikes are the favorite of most bikers because of its wide range of efficiency. This type is useful for racing, climbing, jumping and doing other cyclist stunts. The steel frame that is equipped with rear suspension and it flexible fork are the attractive features of this type.


The Dirt Jump Mountain bikes are also known as street or urban mountain bikes. It has fast-rolling tires and ideal for road racing. Cyclists who are fond of making stunts and tricks will find this type efficient.

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