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SBR TRIMAN 2016 – June 26,2016


TRIMAN Triathlon is a part of the 2016 Tri Series of Swim Bike Run, the first and only multi-sport in the country that is dedicated to beginners or newbies in cycling.

The first two parts of the Tri Series are the Aquaman and Duaman that were scheduled in March and May 2016. Now, newbie cyclists are excited for the 3rd part of the series which is the Triman that will be held on June 26 2016, 6am at Clark Fontana!

The good news about it is registration is still open! Those who would love to participate could still register for a regular rate of 2,300 Php for individual race, 3,300 for 2-man relay; and 4,300 for 3-man relay races.

The Triman involves exhausting and challenging 900m swim, 30k bike and 5k run which will surely test the stamina of the triathletes!

This event will help new triathletes into embarking to greater races that they will join as this is designed for beginners who would love to discover their new potential in triathlon and to engaged in activities as such.

Registration form is downloadable in SBR website and payment could be made online or in the payment or registration centers indicated in the website.

What are you waiting for, register now and prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime as your join the Triman 2016 and be involved in the triathlon community!

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