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1st Philippine Bicycle Demo – March 16, 2016


Put a mark on the calendar for the first ever Philippine Bicycle Demo on March 16, 2016 and will be held in Heroes Trail, Taguig City from 6am-6pm!

Are you planning to purchase a new bike for your cycling hobby ? Are your a newbie in cycling who wishes to have a great start with the best bike to use? The 1st Philippine Bicycle Demo is the biggest fleet of bikes in the country where in over 100 units of 25 bike models from 12 different brands will be present!

Choose the right brand for your level of ability and cycling interest by attending this special event for bikers. Become better buyers and choose only the best brands that will allow you to enjoy your hobby while honing your skills more.

The demo will bring the best world-class brands all in one big event and everyone is invited to join. Cyclists in the country will definitely find this event a great opportunity to check on which brand is the best that they can afford in accordance to their needs.

Aside from presenting the latest and most impressive bicycles for newbies to professional cyclists, participants could also learn new tricks with the training and product testing that are available during the demo event.

Entrance fees during the registration are 100 without t-shirt and 250 pesos with souvenir cotton shirts. Registration includes bike demo use, bike clinic, freebie, bike talk, first aid, raffle prizes and drinks. Hurry and register now because registration period will be until March 9, 2016 only!

Make new friends and find new bikes in the coming bike demo event!

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